Spector trial: Day 10

Star witness admits discrepancies

The star witness in the Phil Spector trial today (May 21) admitted there were inconsistencies in the wording of his testimonies.

Adriano DeSouza, Spector’s chauffeur, was the only other person on the grounds of Spector’s mansion the night actress Lana Clarkson was shot and killed in February 2003. Spector is denying that he murdered her.

Defense and prosecutors argued over the importance of the discrepancies, with prosecutors arguing that defense interrogators influenced DeSouza’s testimony.

The main argument centered on a quote from DeSouza as he told police that shots had been fired. Initially, DeSouza said Spector emerged from his house with blood on his hands and said “I think I killed somebody”, but this morning DeSouza said he later changed that quote to “I think I shot somebody”.

DeSouza says he is now certain the quote was “I think I killed somebody”.

Prosecutors are trying to convince the jury that Spector admitted to DeSouza that he killed Clarkson and that the specifying “killed” or “shot” is irrelevant.

–By our New York staff.

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