Phil Spector speaks out in online video

Music producer defends himself against murder charges

Phil Spector can be seen speaking out against the women who have testified against him in an online video posted on Youtube (see below).

In the footage, he attacks their testimonies by saying, “It’s nonsense. They just want to get on Inside Edition…They just want to testify at the trial. And, they just want to make money.”

It is the first time Spektor has spoken in his own words about the murder of actress Lana Clarkson.

The music producer made the video in 2005 in his chess room where Clarkson was found dead.

Spector originally intended to post it on his web site to defend himself against the accusations of murdering Clarkson.

Taping the video twice, and appearing in two separate outfits, he strongly denied her murder.

Speaking abstractly he stated, “She may have accidentally taken own life. She may have purposefully taken her own life. She may have been eating the gun with her dancing.”

He furthered, “What I do know I had nothing to do with her taking her own life.”