Phil Spector trial: Day 6

Friend says there was 'something wrong' with producer

A high school friend of Phil Spector has said that there was something amiss with the producer just days prior to the shooting incident.

Spector is accused of murdering Lana Clarkson on February 3, 2003 at his Los Angeles mansion.

Rommie Davis, who dined with Phil Spector on three successive nights before Lana Clarkson was shot testified on Thursday (May 11), said she was troubled by the music producer’s drinking and believed “something was terribly wrong” with him.

Davies said: “He was not his usual self.”

She said that before that period in 2003, he had never had a drink in her presence, but on the night of the shooting, he ordered two daiquiris and brushed her off when she warned him that mixing alcohol with his medication was “a lethal combination”.

She added that she “was very concerned,” plus that he drank on the two nights before the shooting as well.

After stepping down from the witness stand Davis approached Spector as he stood with his lawyers and spoke quietly to him for a moment. Outside the courtroom, she said that she told Spector, whom she had not seen since the shooting, that she still considers him a friend.

She told reporters: “I just said, ‘I care very much about you,’ she said.” Spector did not respond. “He just kind of nodded, but he knows,” she said.

Jurors also listened to two profane voice mails Spector left for a fromer girlfriend, photographer Stephanie Jennings, after she stood him up for his birthday party in 1996, reports CourtTV News.

In one of the messages he said: “I’ll do every fucking thing in my power to make sure you don’t work anymore in Philadelphia.”