Spector murder trial ‘victim’ subject of reporters feud

Crime reporters fall out over Lana Clarkson

Late actress Lana Clarkson is at the centre of a feud between Vanity Fair writer Dominick Dunne and TV reporter Steve McPartlin, it is being reported today.

Clarkson, who died at the Alhambra mansion of music producer Phil Spector, starred in several little-known movies over the course of her career.

The murder trial recently ended in a mistrial, and Spector is expected to be retried at a later date.


The feud between Dunne and McPartlin reportedly began after McPartlin went on Court TV and accused Dunne of calling Clarkson a D-list actress, and demeaning her 20 year career. Dunne denies this, saying he simply reported that she starred in B and C-list movies.

McPartlin and Dunne came to blows after McPartlin called Dunne with information on another story involving “money, power and mystery”. Dunne called him an “(bleep)hole” says Page Six.

McPartlin said Clarkson was “dedicated and beautiful“ and that Dunne is a “cranky old man.”

Famed reporter Dunne, meanwhile, says: “No one has written more beautifully about Lana than me… I was totally behind the victim. This guy went on television and trashed me.”

–By our New York staff.

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