Roger Rosen expects his legendary client to be indicted on a murder charge when he goes to court next week...

PHIL SPECTOR’s lawyer fears that the legendary producer may have been indicted after being asked to bring him to court next week.

Defence attorney Roger Rosen says he cannot see any other reason for Spector to appear in court on Monday (September 27).

“Nobody said to me, ‘Your client has been indicted,’ but as a former deputy district attorney and a lawyer for 34 years I can’t imagine any other reason to be there Monday morning with Phil,” Rosen commented.

The charges relate to the shooting of actress Lana Clarkson in February 2003 at Spector’s home. Clarkson died from a single gunshot wound after the gun was placed in her mouth. Spector denies murdering the actress, recently saying to Esquire magazine that she committed suicide.

Rosen fears that the court may have gone to the unusual measures of indicting Spector to sidestep the usual preliminary hearings in which the court decide if the case is strong enough.

“Phil is very disappointed,” Rosen said. “He believed that at the time of the preliminary hearing we would have the opportunity to challenge the evidence. He felt strongly that there was a very significant possibility that this case would be thrown out at the prelim, so he’s very disappointed that he’s lost that chance,” reports Reuters.