Four women allege the producer waved or pointed a firearm at them…

A judge has ruled that the jury who will try PHIL SPECTOR for murder can hear testimony that the producer allegedly pulled a gun on four other women.

In his ruling on Monday (May 23), Superior Court Judge Larry P Fidler admitted that allowing the evidence was “a dangerous path to go down”.

However, he concluded that the alleged incidents seemed to illustrate the prosecutors’ theory that Spector used guns to threaten or intimidate people.

Spector denies murdering actress Lana Clarkson in February 2003 and his trial will begin in September.

According to BBC News, the defence team had hoped to block the witnesses from giving evidence.

Spector said outside of court that he had “never pulled a gun on any of these women, make that very clear”.

Possible evidence about four incidents that allegedly occurred between 1988 and 1995 was allowed by Judge Fidler. All reportedly involve women who claim to have dated the music producer and say he waved or pointed a gun at them.

Refuting the allegations, defence attorney Bruce Cutler described the women as “acolytes and gold-diggers.”

Spector is currently free on a $1m (£520,000) bail.