The legendary producer and his driver are taken into custody...

PHIL SPECTOR has been arrested following an altercation with his chauffeur, according to police.

The legendary producer – who is already facing murder charges in the shooting death of a B-movie actress at his Los Angeles home – was taken into custody with his driver at Spector’s 33-room mock castle.

Officers arrived to find the pair trying to place each other under citizen’s arrest, police said yesterday (May 14).

Alhambra police Lt. Elliot Kase said: “When we arrived we were greeted by Mr. Spector and his chauffeur and they advised that they had been involved in a physical altercation over their business relationship.”

According to Reuters, he added: “There were no weapons involved in the incident, and Mr. Spector and his chauffeur ultimately placed each other under citizen arrest for assaulting each other.”

Spector claimed to have suffered a minor hand injury during the scuffle, while the 46-year-old chauffeur complained of a pain in his jaw.

Both were taken to the Alhambra police station, following treatment at the scene from paramedics.

Spector is cited to appear in court on June 14, following his release yesterday (May 14), while the chaffeur is also expected to have be released.

As previously reported, Spector has been charged with the February 2003 murder of Lana Clarkson, who was found shot to death in his foyer.

Spector, who is free on bail pending a trial in the case, has pleaded not guilty and said that Clarkson committed suicide. His attorneys could not immediately be reached for comment on the new arrest.