The producer legend will have to pay ex-wife Ronnie around $3 million...

A NEW YORK Appeals court has upheld a previous ruling ordering producer PHIL SPECTOR to pay $3 million to THE RONETTES in unpaid royalties.

Tuesday’s decision (November 13) follows a 1998 ruling that found Spector had violated a 1963 contract with The Ronettes – the all-girl outfit, containing his wife Ronnie, that he put together, managed and produced. It was found that the contract concerned only royalties on record sales. Spector made millions at The Ronettes’ expense selling the recordings for use in advertising and on film soundtracks. According to Billboard, industry custom in such circumstances required Spector to pay a 50 per cent royalty to the recording artists. The trio didn’t see a penny.

The appeals court judge ordered the reclusive Spector to pay Ronnie Spector, her sister Estelle Bennett 55, and their cousin Nedra Talley Ross $2.97 million plus interest.