Detectives are now trying to prove that the legendary producer fired the handgun that killed Lana Clarkson...

Legal sources say the woman found dead at the home of PHIL SPECTOR this week was killed by a gunshot to the face.

Los Angeles police believe the weapon used to murder LANA CLARKSON was a gun found on the floor at the music producer’s mansion. Detectives are now trying to prove that Spector fired the handgun.

According to Reuters, more than one weapon was seized from the property, where Clarkson was discovered lying in a pool of blood earlier this week (February 3).

Los Angeles County Coroner’s officials have completed an autopsy on Clarkson’s body but say they are not ready to issue their findings.

Coroner’s spokesman David Campbell said: “The coroner has not finalised the cause of death because they have other tests they have to perform.

“We wait to have as many facts as possible before we make a ruling. That’s absolutely normal. We routinely do toxicology testing on homicide victims and the toxicology screen would include drugs that are typically abused and prescription drugs that are typically abused to find out what was going on with the decedent at the time.”

Prosecutors have said they expect to file murder charges against Spector – who is currently free on $1 million bail – as early as next week.