Phil Spector Trial: Day 37

Blood-spatter argument continues

Arguments between the forensic experts from the defence and prosecution continued today in California, where music producer Phil Spector is on trial for murder.

Despite initial claims from the prosecution that the blood spatter on Spector’s jacket showed he was within three feet of actress Lana Clarkson when she died, the defence are saying that blood can potentially travel up to six feet.

Defence consultant Stuart James said having consulted several scientific sources, the resulting opinion and evidence is that there is a wide variation on the distance blood can travel.

The blood spatters are key in the case against Spector, and could prove he was close enough to have pulled the trigger on the gun that killed Clarkson at his home in February 2003. He is saying she shot herself accidentally.

Defence attorney Bruce Cutler returned to the courtroom today after a three-week absence during which he filmed a reality TV show in which he is the judge in small-claims cases.

–By our New York staff.

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