Phil Spector trial: Day 36

Defence expert challenges prosecution's scientific evidence

A defence expert testified today (July 18) in the Phil Spector murder trial that blood can spatter more than three feet.

This is significant because it contradicts the prosecution’s argument that the blood patterns found on the producer’s jacket indicate he was close enough to have killed actress Lana Clarkson when she was fatally shot.

Spector is accused of murdering Clarkson, whom he had met at the House of Blues in Los Angeles only hours before. The defence contends the actress’ death was an accidental suicide.

Witnesses for the prosecution previously testified that the blood patterns found on Spector‘s jacket indicate he was within three feet of the actress at the time of her death.

This morning, however, blood expert James Pex contradicted that theory.

But when cross-examined later in the day, he admitted that the spatter of blood on Spector‘s jacket was consistent with it being two to three feet away.

However, he added that some of the blood could have been transferred from one object to another rather than spattering on it when the gun was fired, reports the Los Angeles Times.

In the past few days, the defence team has focused on scientific evidence to support its case and contradict the prosecution’s claim that Spector shot Clarkson.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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