Phil Spector’s ex-lawyer finally testifies

Sara Caplan faced contempt of court

A former attorney for Phil Spector finally took the witness stand today (July 12) after nearly being held in contempt of court for initially refusing to testify.

Sara Caplan was on the defence team that searched Spector‘s Los Angeles mansion the day after actress Lana Clarkson was found shot in the mouth on February 3, 2003.

In an evidentiary hearing, Caplan testified that she saw forensic scientist, Henry Lee, pick up small white object that may have been one of Clarkson‘s acrylic fingernails, but initially refused to take the stand in open court because it may violate attorney-client privilege.

Caplan only agreed to testify after a mid-level appeals court upheld the ruling from Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler that Caplan would be jailed unless she agrees to testify about the defence’s mishandling of evidence.

Today on the witness stand, Caplan gave essentially the same story she had in a previous hearing without jurors present, but this time used a diagram to compare sizes, reports the Associated Press.

The lawyer said she saw Lee pick up an item about one inch in circumference and put it in a vial. She said she never saw the item again.

Prosecutors argue that the missing evidence could indicate that there was a struggle between Spector and Clarkson on the night of her death.

Lee has adamantly denied any wrongdoing, and said that he believes he won’t end up testifying in the case because the prosecution’s attack was meant to keep him off the witness stand.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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