Phil Spector Trial: Day 32

Defence gets surprise witness

A new witness in the Phil Spector murder trial could “contribute to reasonable doubt” that the producer committed murder in February 2003.

Raul Julia Levy, an actor and producer, was a longtime friend of actress Lana Clarkson who died at Spector’s mansion as a result of a shot to the head.

Lawyer for Levy, John DeHart told the court they would hear the “real truth”, following two months of hearing the prosecution’s case.

Levy is expected to testify that Clarkson threatened to commit suicide, but that he did not take her threats seriously. Judge Larry Paul Fidler gave the prosecution until July 18 to research Levy.

The defence began its case this week, with writer David Schapiro testifying that Clarkson had money worries before her death and that she emailed him saying “I am truly at the end of this whole deal. I am going to tidy up my affairs and chuck it, because it is really all too much for one girl to bear anymore.”

Schapiro also said that Clarkson frequently exaggerated and that he did not believe she would kill herself.

–By our New York staff.

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