Phil Spector lawyers deny ‘admission’

They ask for alleged comment to be ruled out of trial

Phil Spector’s lawyers have asked that an apparent admission made by the legendary music producer to police following the death of a woman be ruled out of his trial.

The legal team claim that comments made after B-movie actress Lana Clarkson was shot dead at Spector’s house are inadmissible because he had prescription drug withdrawal symptoms.

The producer, who denies murdering Clarkson, is alleged to have said: “I didn’t mean to shoot her.”


According to BBC News, the decision whether the statements will be included in the trial will be made at a hearing in Los Angeles on Thursday (October 27).

Clarkson died in February 2003, and according to grand jury transcripts, a police officer testified that after Spector was handcuffed he said: “What’s wrong with you guys? What are you doing? I didn’t mean to shoot her. It was an accident.”

Lawyers for the producer say that the statements should be thrown out because he was suffering withdrawal symptoms from seven prescription drugs when he talked to the police.

Bruce Cutler, Spector’s attorney, stated that his client did nothing wrong on the night of Clarkson’s death, saying: “Mr Spector denies he shot anyone at his house and denies he said he shot anyone.”

He added: “We have made motions to suppress certain statements that were not admissions and were illegally obtained.”

However, the prosecution said that they intended to use the statements in papers filed with the court.


Spector is currently free on $1m (£565,000) bail and has pleaded not guilty.

He will face trial in January and if convicted, faces life imprisonment.