Phil Spector demands iPod for new prison cell

The famed producer wants to hear music in his new den

Phil Spector has requested an iPod for his new prison cell.

The famed producer, who is serving out a 19-years-to-life prison sentence for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson, was just transferred to the largest state prison in California, where he would like to be able to listen to music.

Prisoners in this facility are allowed to request a few personal items they’d like in their cells, and Spector‘s wife said that he has already given her a list.


“He wants a TV and an iPod or something like that for listening to music,” Rachelle Spector told the Associated Press.

Prison officials said that some of the inmates are allowed musical instruments and even perform together in groups, but Spector‘s wife said she doubts he’ll be requesting an instrument any time soon.

Spector, who pioneered the 1960s Wall Of Sound technique, was convicted of killing Clarkson at his Los Angeles-area mansion in 2003.

–By our Los Angeles staff.