Phil Spector jury tours scene of actress’ death

The jurors view blood-soaked evidence at producer's mansion

The jury in the Phil Spector murder retrial toured his Los Angeles-area mansion today (February 19), despite objections by the prosecution.

The jurors saw the room where actress Lana Clarkson died of a gunshot wound in 2003, and viewed the blood-stained chair on which she died. Jurors in the original trial had only seen a replica of the chair.

The 12 jurors and six alternates visited Spector‘s foyer, living room and bathroom during the hour-long tour, reports the Associated Press. They also saw a fountain in the courtyard, which could be an important element of the case.

Prosecutors in the retrial allege that when the jury in the original trial toured his home, Spector tried to manipulate the noise made by a fountain in his courtyard to make it seem as though it could have muffled the sound of his voice when he allegedly said, “I think I killed somebody” to his chauffeur.

Spector‘s home in the Alhambra suburb of Los Angeles is an elaborate mansion known as the ‘Pyrenees Castle’, which contains suits of armour, crystal chandeliers and red velvet drapes.

Spector – the pioneer behind the 1960s Wall Of Sound technique – is accused of murdering Clarkson at his Los Angeles mansion on February 3, 2003. Defence attorneys are alleging that she took her own life because she was despondent over her waning career, while prosecution is making the case that Spector shot the actress.

After five months of heated testimony in 2007, the jury reached a 10-2 deadlock in favour of convicting Spector, which resulted in the judge declaring a mistrial. Attorneys estimate that the second trial could conclude by the end of March.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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