Charles Manson asks Phil Spector to collaborate in jail

Mass murderer wanted to hook up with convicted producer

Convicted murderer Charles Manson has asked for a collaboration with fellow imate and legendary producer Phil Spector.

Manson has been incarcerated since 1971 for murder crimes, while Spector is serving a sentence for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson in 2003. Both are in California‘s Corcoran State Prison.

Spector‘s publicist Hal Lifson told BBC 6music that his client had been “shaken” when he was handed a note from Manson by a prison guard suggesting that the two hook up to make music together.


Manson has made several records while in prison, including both music and spoken word albums.

In the note Manson called Spector the “greatest producer who ever lived”.

Lifson said: “Phil Spector has been very, very alarmed and scared at the notion of Charles Manson contacting him for any reason.”

He went on to confirm that the collaboration would not be taking place, adding: “He is very worried that any association be made between himself and Charles Manson.

“He mentioned that he used to get phone calls from John Lennon and Tina Turner, and now it’s Charles Manson. He said, ‘Go figure’. It was kind of a dark humour comment.”