Phil Spector ‘treated worse than an animal’ in jail

Convicted producer's wife breaks silence

Phil Spector‘s wife Rachelle has claimed that her incarcerated husband is being treated “worse than an animal” in jail.

The producer’s spouse attacked the California State prison her husband has been in since he was found guilty of murdering actress Lana Clarkson last month.

“He’s locked in a five-by-nine [foot] cell, 23-and-a-half hours a day,” she told the Los Angeles Times.


She added: “They treat people worse than animals. I want that known.”

She added that she was in regular contact with Spector, who was allowed to occasionally phone her from the jail.

Rachelle Spector, who at 28 is 41 years younger than her husband, denied that she was a “trophy wife”.

She said: “Younger woman, older man, gold digger, whatever. I don’t take anything from my husband, and I never have. I’m a good person, but people don’t see any of that or know how hard I work.”