Phil Spector prosecutors ask judge to allow gun testimony

One of his gun-related threats involved Leonard Cohen

Prosecutors in the Phil Spector murder retrial have asked a Los Angeles judge to reconsider rulings from the first trial that banned evidence of the producer allegedly threatening people with handguns on several occasions.

The prosecutors intend to argue that these threats illustrate Spector‘s “common design or plan” that could have led to the murder of actress Lana Clarkson, for which he is being tried.

The six incidents involved men and women, one of whom was famed musician Leonard Cohen. In the 1977 incident with Cohen, Spector reportedly held a gun to the singer’s chest and said, “I love you, Leonard,” to which Cohen replied, “I hope so, Phil.”


Spector‘s defence attorney Doron Weinberg is expected to file a response to the motion, reports the Associated Press.

Spector — the pioneer behind the 1960s Wall Of Sound technique — is accused of murdering Clarkson at his Los Angeles mansion on February 3, 2003.

After five months of heated testimony last year, the jury reached a 10-2 deadlock in favour of convicting Spector, which resulted in the judge declaring a mistrial.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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