Phil Spector: Trial Day 25

Final prosecution witness takes to the stand

The last witness for the prosecution in the murder trial of Phil Spector took to the stand today (June 19) for what is expected to be the first of several days of testimony.

Criminalist Lynne Herold is an expert in forensics and will discuss issues such as how blood is shaped when it leaves a wound and how it looks when it hits something.

Herold is the chief analyst of the evidence against Spector and her testimony will give evidence on the location of Lana Clarkson’s body in relation to the gun and how the blood landed on Spector’s white jacket.

Spector’s defense team are saying that there is not enough blood on the jacket to prove that he shot actress Clarkson at his mansion in February 2003. They are saying she accidentally shot herself.

The prosecution’s case has centered on Spector’s chauffeur Adriano DeSouza who said Spector emerged from the house with a bloody gun in his hand and said ‘I think I killed somebody’.

They are also using testimonies from four women who said that Spector had threatened them with a gun.

The defense team maintains that their scientific experts will challenge the prosecutions case with their explanation of blood spatter and how Clarkson’s teeth were shot from her mouth.

–By our New York staff.

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