Phil Spector trial: Day 52

Neuropathologist says Clarkson did not cough blood

The Phil Spector murder trial continued today with a testimony from prosecution neuropathologist Dr. John Andrews.

Andrews testified against the theory thatLana Clarkson could have lived for several minutes after being shot at Spector’s Alhambra mansion in February 2003.

The defence claims that blood spatter on Spector’s clothing could have come from Clarkson coughing blood, as Spector tried to help her. They are saying she shot herself.

Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson cross-examined Andrews asking if it was possible that Clarkson could have breathed, coughed, spit or moved after she was shot, to which Jackson responded: “I don’t believe she could have done these particular actions.”

Jackson’s statement is at odds with the basis of the defence claims who have said that the blood could have traveled up to six feet from Clarkson. The prosecution is saying that Spector was within three feet of her – close enough to have pulled the trigger.

The trial is expected to go before a jury within weeks.

–By our New York staff.

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