Spector Trial: Day 17

Judge rules that Clarkson’s writings are insufficient evidence

Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler today ruled that “diary-style” writings by Lana Clarkson intended to be used by the defense are not suitable for use as evidence in court.

The defense presented the material from Lana Clarkson’s computer and alleged that the information within suggested that she had suicidal thoughts and visions.

Clarkson, 40, was shot in February 2003 at the home of music producer Phil Spector, who is accused of her murder.

The computer material was intended for use to question the coroner Dr. Louise Pena who concluded that Clarkson did not pull the trigger herself.

Having taken the computer material home at the weekend, the judge returned to court on Monday and said that the document was so far removed from what the defense had said it was, that he had to double check that he had the right document.

“I don’t consider anything in this particular document to be significant,” he said.

Fidler read an excerpt from the document about a dead actress, which was taken from a book about Hollywood, and the ‘vision’ turned out to be a description of shadows passing a window.

The document will not be allowed for use to cross-examine in the courtroom.

–By our New York staff.

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