Phil Spector trial to be televised

Superior Court judge allows producer's fate to be screened

Phil Spector’s murder trial is to be televised, a Superior Court judge has confirmed.

Spector is accused of murdering actress Lana Clarkson at home in 2003.

Judge Larry Paul Fidler said it was time to overcome a “fear of cameras” in Los Angeles courts, since the OJ Simpson murder acquittal in 1995.

Simpson’s acquittal led to some criticise the Los Angeles legal system.

However, Fidler warned that he would “pull the plug” if the media acted irresponsibly.

Spector’s lawyers argued against the idea of cameras in court, claming they could cause witnesses to act differently and they might make jurors self-conscious in their role.

Fidler argued that public scrutiny was “a good thing”, and the televised trail should put an end of any beliefs celebrities were treated differently in court.

The jury for the trial is set to be selected on March 19, but the process will not tbe broadcast. Spector is currently free on £513,000 ($1 million) bail, reports BBC News.