Spector trial: Day 12

Forensic expert apparently hid evidence from crime scene

The Phil Spector murder trial continued today (May 23) with a ruling that forensic evidence was removed from the scene and hidden from the prosecution.

The object in question is thought to be a portion of a fingernail with traces of a passing bullet. The fingernail is thought to belong to actress Lana Clarkson, whom Spector is accused of murdering in February 2003 at his home. The nail would offer proof that Clarkson was resisting having the gun placed in her mouth. Spector maintains that Clarkson, an actress, killed herself.

According to Judge Larry Paul Fidler, only one person, attorneySara Caplan, has offered a credible account of seeing forensic expert Dr Henry Lee place the nail in a vial. Lee denies removing the alleged evidence from the scene.

Lee previously testified in the trials of OJ Simpson and William Kennedy Smith, and has his own show on Court TV.

–By our New York staff.

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