The digital music market battle gets ready to hot up...

PHILIPS are the latest electronics giant aiming to rival the iPOD’s dominance of the digital music market.

Last month, Sony unveiled a digital model of its legendary Walkman series in an attempt to challenge Apple.

Now, Philips have unveiled their Micro Jukebox hdd070. The new model weighs just 95g and can be worn around the neck, yet also carries a 2.0BG hard disc drive.

Due out in September, the model’s most attractive feature could be that as well as coming with ten in-built FM stations, it plays both MP3 and Windows Media Audio files.

However, Philips are also aiming to lead the next generation of pocket technology. The Philips Wearable Camcorder key019 builds an MP3 player into a pocket-size camcorder.

Set to launch around the same time, the 60g device can store up to 25 minutes of MPEG video as well as storing two hours of music and a huge catalogue of still images.