Phoebe Bridgers says not being able to tour an album is “a true ego death”

"I didn’t realise how much I relied on people screaming at me every night"

Phoebe Bridgers has spoken of the difficulty of not touring during the coronavirus pandemic, calling it “a true ego death”.

The singer released her new album ‘Punisher’ back in June, and has only played a handful of livestreamed gigs since due to ongoing concerns over the pandemic.

Speaking on Rolling Stone Music Now podcast, Bridgers said she has struggled with not being able to tour the album.


“A true ego death is putting out an album and not being on tour,” she said. “I didn’t realise how much I relied on people screaming at me every night. It’s just super-weird. I feel like I don’t exist. Which is the best problem possible to have in 2020.

“And I’m also super-grateful that I did anything, that I released this album. Late-stage capitalism at its best. I feel like I don’t exist unless I make stuff and get to talk about it.”

Phoebe Bridgers (Picture: Davis Bates)

Reviewing ‘Punisher’ upon its release, NME wrote: “Bridgers has previously stated that ‘Punisher’ explores “crying” and numbness – which is certainly true – but what it most successfully captures is stasis, and an undercurrent of anxiety around what lies in the future.

“The LA songwriter’s ability to paint this lingering feeling of dread so vividly is perhaps the biggest factor in her rapid rise to cultish indie household name; just look at the state of the world right now.”


Since the release of ‘Punisher’, Bridgers has played the album’s tracks on a number of TV shows, joined Tenacious D’s all-star cover of ‘Time Warp’, played a livestreamed gig for Planned Parenthood, joined Bright Eyes on a new song and started her own record label.

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