Phoebe Bridgers says she smashed her guitar on ‘SNL’ with the blessing of the brand Danelectro

"...they wished me luck and told me they’re hard to break"

As the music world continues to discuss Phoebe Bridgersguitar smash on Saturday Night Live last weekend, the singer-songwriter has revealed the company who made the guitar had given its destruction their blessing.

In her debut appearance on the show, Bridgers concluded her performance of ‘I Know The End’ by smashing her Danelectro guitar against a monitor. The move drew controversy online, with some calling it “disappointing“, “extra” and an “unjustifiably awkward display of white privilege“.

Now, Bridgers has given some insight into the smash seen around the world, saying that Danelectro were informed ahead of time that she was going to do it, and they even wished her luck.


In a response to Jason Isbell saying the guitar would have only cost $85 USD, Bridgers wrote, “I told Danelectro I was going to do it and they wished me luck and told me they’re hard to break.”

Another musician, Kathleen Edwards, shared her grievances for the monitor that was on the receiving end of the smash, with Bridgers responding saying the monitor was fake and made specifically so she could break it.

Danelectro also commented on the smash, writing “Hope you have all had a smashing weekend…?”.

Alongside performing ‘I Know The End’, Bridgers also performed the Grammy-nominated ‘Kyoto’ – both songs taken from her 2020 album ‘Punisher’, which NME named one of the best albums of the year.


In a five-star review of the albumNME‘s El Hunt wrote, “The LA songwriter’s ability to paint this lingering feeling of dread so vividly is perhaps the biggest factor in her rapid rise to cultish indie household name; just look at the state of the world right now.

Recently, Bridgers spoke out in the wake of abuse allegations made against Marilyn Manson by several women, claiming Manson told her that he had a “rape room” in his house when she was just a teenager.