Phoebe Green shares new single ‘Make It Easy’

Lifted from a 'still-to-be-announced new project'

Manchester singer-songwriter Phoebe Green has dropped new single ‘Make It Easy’, the first taste of a ‘still-to-be-announced new project’.

“I’d been wanting to progress from the guitar-heavy indie sound that felt so comfortable and familiar to me and push myself to make darker electronic pop music that was more influenced by what I actually listen to currently,” Green said of the songwriting process behind ‘Make It Easy’.

“The lyrics themselves express the age-old dilemma of letting myself get in the way of myself, wanting to be with someone but not wanting to make the first move, it’s possibly the most lighthearted song I’ve ever written and I love it.”


The track arrives alongside a music video directed by Lillie Eiger. Watch that below.

‘Make It Easy’ comes ahead of a slew of support act appearances on tour with the likes of Self Esteem later this month, as well as Everything Everything at the tail-end of March and into April.

Back in 2020, Green dropped the single ‘Reinvent’, co-writte with The Big Moon’s Juliette Jackson. Speaking to NME at the time, Green discussed the backing track Jackson produced, saying: “It sounded like film music and I’m so obsessed with the drama of soundtracks, I thought this is perfect, I really want to write over it.

“Both of us have always been so opposed to writing with other people because we’re so precious about our own stuff but then as soon as we met up, we found it was perfect.”


Since then, Green has dropped a string of singles – ‘Golden Girl’ and ‘I Can’t Cry For You’ in 2020 along with ‘IDK’ and ‘So Grown Up’ last year.

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