Phoenix cancel iTunes Festival show after singer Thomas Mars falls ill

The French band were due to play London's Roundhouse tomorrow (September 7)

Phoenix have cancelled their iTunes Festival show as their frontman Thomas Mars has fallen ill.

The band took to Twitter to break the news about tomorrow night’s (September 7) gig, writing:

Phoenix kick off their US tour, with support from The Vaccines later this month. They then tour Europe with Haim in November.

The band last month revealed their new remix of ‘Trying To Be Cool’, featuring R Kelly on vocals. The original version of ‘Trying To Be Cool’ appears on the band’s 2013 album ‘Bankrupt’. Scroll down to hear the remix now. Speaking to, Phoenix guitarist Christian Mazzalai was recently quizzed about the possibility of recording with R Kelly. He said: “Yeah, maybe. Maybe soon you will know. Maybe.” It is reported that the guitarist lifted up his sunglasses and winked while saying this.

The unlikely collaborators first joined forces earlier this year when R Kelly performed with the band during their headline set at California’s Coachella festival. Mazzalai also explained the background to the collaboration, saying: “Before going onstage we always put on R Kelly’s music, which is very far from our music, but we love his art. So we created a mash-up between our music and his music. We sent it to him and he said yes. The funny part is he arrived late so we didn’t see him before. We met him onstage. We didn’t rehearse so there was a beautiful tension.”