Sofia Coppola wanted Phoenix and Kanye West to collaborate for ‘The Bling Ring’

Scheduling problems got in the way of any potential duet

A collaboration between Kanye West and Phoenix was mooted for the soundtrack to The Bling Ring, it has been revealed.

Director Sofia Coppola, who is married to Phoenix frontman Thomas Mars, and music supervisor Brian Reitzell spoke about the work they did on the music in the new movie.

“Originally, we wanted to bring Kanye West on to work with us. I haven’t worked with a lot of hip-hop artists, and it’s kind of its own universe, in some ways – but not so much with Kanye,” Reitzell told Pitchfork. “Sofia had met him, and he likes Phoenix, so I was trying to connect Phoenix and Kanye together to do a track. The scheduling was too difficult, though.”

The pair also discussed how Kanye West helped them secure a song from Frank Ocean, an artist who traditionally refuses to have his music featured in films. “Frank Ocean had denied the use of ‘Super Rich Kids’ he just has a blanket denial on anybody licensing his music for films,” explains Reitzell. “The label said no, and I had to go through a friend to get to his managers. Sofia cut up a trailer-like video from the movie to send to him, and he agreed. It’s cool because we’re putting the soundtrack out on vinyl, and I don’t think ‘Super Rich Kids’, and many of these tracks, have ever been released on vinyl before.” Sofia Coppola added: “I have a feeling Kanye put in a good word for us.”

The movie stars Emma Watson and is based on a Vanity Fair article detailing the lives of a group of teenagers who integrated themselves with celebrities and socialites in Hollywood before stealing thousands of pounds worth of jewellery and other possessions from them.

The Bling Ring soundtrack will be released on June 11. The tracklisting is as follows:

Sleigh Bells – ‘Crown On The Ground’
Rick Ross ft. Lil Wayne – ‘9 Piece’
Rye Rye ft. MIA – ‘Sunshine’
Azealia Banks – ‘212’
Oneohtrix Point Never – ‘Ouroboros’
2 Chainz – ‘Money Machine’
MIA – ‘Bad Girls’
Kanye West – ‘All of the Lights’
Ester Dean ft. Chris Brown – ‘Drop It Low’
Reema Major – ‘Gucci Bag’
Can – ‘Halleluwah’
Kanye West – ‘Power’
Klaus Schulze – ‘Freeze’
Deadmau5 – ‘FML’
Brian Reitzell and Daniel Lopatin – ‘Bling Ring Suite’
Phoenix – ‘Bankrupt!’
Frank Ocean ft. Earl Sweatshirt – ‘Super Rich Kids’