Phoenix evoke spirit of Mozart for new album

French band reveal composer inspired title

Phoenix have named their fourth album, NME.COM can reveal.

The band are expected to release ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix’ in May, having recorded it last year with CassiusPhilippe Zdar co-producing.

Speaking about the record, which the band describe as “fast and intense”, the group suggested it captured the spirit of their 2000 debut ‘United’ with a more guitar-led sound.


“This album shares many similarities with ‘United’, our first one. I feel like we started this record without any specific goal in mind,” explained frontman Thomas Mars. “The last record was about our present, this one is about our future.”

Fans can hear a short 40-second excerpt of the new album at

Meanwhile, a mixtape compilation will be released as part of the Paris label Kitsune’s Tabloid series in March, and will feature several “rarities” from the band.