Phoenix are back in the studio recording new music

They're working at the Motorbass studio in Paris

Phoenix have revealed that they’re working on new music in the studio.

In a new post on social media, the group also revealed that they’re working at Motorbass Studio in Paris, the studio of their late collaborator Philippe Zdar.

Zdar passed away earlier this year after falling from a building in Paris. He was 50 years old.


In yesterday’s (December 8) post the group shared a picture from the studio and announced “Phoenix are back”.

Following the death of Zdar, Phoenix led the tributes to their long-term collaborator.

They wrote: “Philippe was legendary.⁣⁣ Of course, our music owes so much to him, he who spent hundreds and hundreds of hours lifting us up with the breath of his talent, his enthusiasm and his kindness.⁣⁣

“But much more, he taught us that you could raise your life, Friendship, Love to the rank of major art. In all these areas he was an absolute genius.”


Naming the band’s last release, ‘Ti Amo’ as one of the albums of 2017, NME wrote: “French four-piece Phoenix made ‘Ti Amo’ in the wake of Brexit, and recorded it in a wintery, disused opera house just minutes away from Le Bataclan – the venue at the heart of Paris’ tragic 2015 attacks.

“Somehow, they created a fun, celebratory album about Europe, cheese, gelato and love, bursting at the seams with glitter-clad synths and light-footed pop. Combating political fear with all-out fun, ‘Ti Amo’ is more defiant and relevant than it might first appear.”

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