Piers Morgan clashes with Lily Allen over controversial machine gun necklace

"Why have you got a machine gun around your neck?"

Piers Morgan has clashed on Twitter with Lily Allen, after the singer was seen wearing a necklace shaped like an AK-47 rifle.

Posting on Twitter, Allen explained that she had owned the necklace for 10 years, after a newspaper article chose to criticise her for wearing the accessory at London’s Mighty Hoopla Festival yesterday.

But her defence soon caught the attention of Good Morning Britain host Morgan, who described it as reprehensible.


“Doesn’t make it any less reprehensible the longer you wear it. Why have you got a machine gun around your neck?”, Morgan replied.

Allen then hit back, and accused Morgan of “hacking the phones of dead children”, an accusation that is often wrongly levelled at the ex Daily Mirror editor.

And while a back and forth then ensued between the pair, Allen called on the reduction of cuts to community services and policing.


“If actually gave a fuck about inner city youth violence, he’d spend less time proviking people like me and Raheem and more time lobbying his actual mates,who could do something about cuts to policing and youth services.Necklaces and tattoos are NOT the problem here”, she wrote.

The feud eventually reached its apex with Allen criticising Morgan for publishing fake photos of Iraqi prisoners being tortured by British forces – which led to his sacking from the Daily Mirror in 2004.

Last month, Allen released ‘No Shame’ her first record in four years.

“By the end, it’s hard to deny No Shame represents the woman who made it: it’s a smart, self-aware and compellingly imperfect record with a pretty unique point of view”, NME wrote of the record in a four star verdict.