Piers Morgan criticises Ed Sheeran for quitting Twitter as he sort of rejoins

Ed Sheeran has rejoined Twitter – sort of – after deleting his account following criticism of his Game Of Thrones cameo.

Sheeran’s account is active again, but he tells fans in his bio message: “I don’t use this anymore, please follow me on @teddysphotos on instagram, lots of love x”

The singer has also used an app to delete all of his tweets posted before April 2015.

Last month, Sheeran confirmed that he was planning to stop using Twitter altogether – but later retracted his comments in an Instagram post.

“Loads of Hoo-har about me quitting stuff. I haven’t quit anything, I’m just not reading anything, except Harry Potter. Hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th yo”, he wrote.

After Sheeran deleted his account following a backlash over his Game of Thrones cameo, Piers Morgan shared his views on the matter on Good Morning Britain.

“We praised him for not quitting Twitter and the moment we said that, he quit Twitter and deleted his account because people were being mean to him, and now he’s back again,” Morgan told ITV viewers.

The presenter then offered Sheeran some advice, saying: “Ed come on mate – you’re tougher than this. Come on. I love Ed Sheeran but this is all so – come on.”

“The trouble is they get surrounded by sycophants,” he added.

Meanwhile, the director of Sheeran’s Game Of Thrones episode has defended the singer’s appearance on the HBO show.