Piers Morgan says Kanye West is to blame for white girls singing the n-word

Morgan argues his case in recent column

Piers Morgan has suggested that Kanye West and other rappers should be blamed for white girls uttering the n-word when singing along to their songs.

This week saw footage of white sorority girls from the University of New Hampshire singing the n-word as part of a singalong to West’s 2005 hit ‘Gold Digger’ go viral online. Following outrage, those involved are reportedly being investigated by University officials.

Responding to the controversy in a column for the Daily Mail, Morgan argued that the sorority girls aren’t the ones to blame but instead West is as he’s the person who put the word in his lyrics.

“Even by the pathetically easily offended snowflake standards of modern day US campuses, this is ridiculous,” Morgan wrote. “How can it possibly be racist to sing along to a song that was No1 in America for TEN WEEKS? And is the word ‘n***a’ racist anyway?”

He continued: “Oh, I know the word ‘n****r’ from which it is derived is racist. We all know that… But even among black people there is disagreement as to whether the word ‘n***a’ is actually a racist or offensive term at all.”

Morgan went on to claim that the word has since come to mean “buddy” and that “as such it can be used by anyone, black or white.”

Of the sorority girls from the video, Morgan said: “I doubt any of them gave it a moment’s thought when Kanye’s song ‘Gold Digger’ began playing, and certainly not any racist thought. They’re young, free and partying and it would have just seemed like any other very popular rap song. So they sang along to it, and that meant they subconsciously sang the word ‘n***as’ too.”

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“So what?”, Morgan added. “They didn’t write the song, Kanye West did. They didn’t make millions of dollars from that song, Kanye West did. He used the word ‘n***as’ in his lyrics because that is what almost every rapper in America now does. It’s become a standard, almost compulsory word to include in any ‘cool’ rap record.”

“Rap music isn’t sold or marketed exclusively to white people,” he went on. “Superstars like Kanye West target and exploit white audiences for their music just as enthusiastically as they target and exploit black audiences. So how can they, or anybody else for that matter, complain if a white person sings the very words they have written in No1 hit song?”

Morgan continued to argue that “the only way to stop its use completely is for EVERYONE to stop using it, including black people,” arguing: “To me, there is no difference between ‘n****r’ and ‘n***a’. They sound exactly the same, and are therefore open to permanent confusion and the exact same capacity to offend.”

“But if rappers like Kanye West insist on using it, and writing songs with the word in either form, then it is absolutely predictable and understandable that their fans will sing the songs just as they hear them – regardless of the colour of their skin.”

“These Alpha Phi Sorority sisters did nothing wrong. If you want someone to blame, then blame Kanye West,” he concluded.

Responding to the criticism he’s faced over his article, Morgan tweeted: “Could all those rushing to spew hysterical bile over my new column actually READ it”. He added: “Kanye’s a talented, fascinating guy. I just don’t understand why if he sings ‘n***as’, his millions of white fans can’t sing it too?”.

Earlier this week saw Piers Morgan get trolled in Spanish by Jeremy Corbyn and Arsenal footballer Hector Bellerin.

Morgan had recently told of an awkward encounter between the trio in a Daily Mail column, writing of the incident: “Later, fellow Arsenal fan Jeremy Corbyn came over to speak to [Bellerin]. When I tried to interrupt, the Labour leader – whose wife is Mexican – promptly switched to fluent Spanish to shut me out of the conversation.”