Pinegrove “taking some time off” as frontman responds to sexual coercion accusation

The band have cancelled their tour

Pinegrove have announced that they are “taking some time off” and cancelling their remaining tour dates after frontman Evan Stephens Hall was accused of sexual coercion. Hall has since responded to the accusation in a statement.

Writing in a lengthy statement posted to Facebook (scroll below to see), Hall acknowledged that he has been “accused of sexual coercion,” adding: “the accusation comes from someone I was involved with for a short but intense period of time”. The full details about the accusation are not currently clear.

Hall went on to claim that he “absolutely never threatened” the woman in question, saying: “I never leveraged anything against her. I believed all of our decisions to be based in love.” However, he added: “I am coming to terms with the fact that I monumentally misread the situation. I am trying earnestly to follow this line as deeply as it goes to reflect on all of the things I could have done, and can do, better.”


“I should have more actively acknowledged my position of power as a public figure, and also as a man,” Hall wrote. “I have always tried to approach all of my relationships under the premise of equality, but I see now more clearly that the inherent privilege of my gender and the accumulated privilege of being a recognised performer most certainly impacted this interaction.”

Elsewhere in the statement, Hall said that he had been “reflecting on interactions with other people I’ve met through music”, admitting that he had “been flirtatious with fans and on a few occasions been intimate with people that I’ve met on tour.” He said: “I’ve reached the conclusion now that that’s not ever appropriate—even if they initiate it. There will always be an unfair power dynamic at play in these situations and it’s not ok for me to ignore that.”


“I am also led to something that I said regarding all this that I regret immensely,” Hall continued. “I said that I could sense who from the crowd would be interested in sleeping with me based on how they watched me perform. This comment applies such a dark layer to my interactions with people after our sets. Nobody coming to a concert deserves to be evaluated based on their sexual potential by the performer. I absolutely crossed a line with that comment and that behaviour, and I am so sorry.”

Hall stated that he has started therapy and is “sincerely committed to improving my mental health and the way I treat everyone I interact with”. He also said that the band would be “taking some time off in general”.

He described his statement as “an apology to the person I hurt and to the people I disappointed: my bandmates, my friends, my family, our fans. I’m so sorry. I have never felt remorse like this before. I will think about how I could have been better in this situation for as long as I live.”


See Hall’s Facebook post below.

a message from evan:i am about to talk about something serious and i want to begin by saying that my actions have…

Posted by Pinegrove on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

New Jersey band Pinegrove released their second album ‘Cardinal’ in 2016.

  • For help, advice or more information regarding sexual harassment, assault and rape in the UK, visit the Rape Crisis charity website. In the US, visit RAINN.