Pink thinks the lonely Gildah should be sent to an animal sanctuary...

Pink has called for magicians SIEGFRIED AND ROY to liberate their elephant.

Gildah, the 55-year-old, four ton Thai elephant, part of the Las Vegas illusionists’ act since 1990, has been languishing alone in its pen at the Mirage Hotel and Casino since the show was closed in October when Roy was mauled by a tiger, reports MTV. Pink has now called for Gildah to be allowed to live the rest of her life in an animal sanctuary.

The star, a longtime animal rights campaigner, has launched the bizarre crusade against the famous Las Vegas illusionists after having her conscience pricked after sympathising with an elephant that featured in her ‘Just Like A Pill’ video. “The poor soul was more tense and uncomfortable than I would be in the Mickey Mouse Club,” she said in an open letter to the duo.

It continued: “Gildah is being screwed out of an elephant’s most basic need, the companionship of other elephants. Today we know that elephants are intelligent, social animals who form complex relationships. Those relationships mean even more for captive elephants who have already suffered the loss of family, freedom and habitat and have nothing left. In a sanctuary, Gildah could forage through hundreds of acres of lush vegetation, play in the pond and at least have some life as nature intended. Sure beats life in a tiny tourist trap.”

“’Peace on Earth’ doesn’t seem very viable in much of the world this year, but won’t you grant it to one pathetic, old, lonely elephant on the Vegas Strip? She’s done her time, won’t you let her go?”

A spokesperson for Siegfried And Roy has yet to respond.