Obituary: Pink Floyd’s Rick Wright 1943-2008

Keyboardist passed away yesterday (Sept 15) after suffering from cancer

British rock lost one of its finest and most discreet stylists today (September 15), with the sad news of Richard Wright‘s death.

A founder member of Pink Floyd, Wright always stayed scrupulously clear of the spotlight. But his stately keyboard playing added immeasurably to the cosmic grandeur of the band, and his vocal and songwriting collaborations were a critical part of Floyd‘s pervasive appeal.

Indeed, it’s a mark of Wright’s discretion that the major battle in Pink Floyd is usually perceived as being between Dave Gilmour and Roger Waters. Wright was actually forced to resign from the band during the recording of ‘The Wall’, as his relationship with Waters went awry. He did, however, continue to tour with the band as a hired hand rather than a full-time member…

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