And the legendary footage is going to be transferred onto a DVD...

A fabled PINK FLOYD documentary which has been missing for over 20 years has been found.

‘The Lost Documentary’, filmed in 1980, shows the band backstage at an Earl’s Court show , the last show with all the original members of the band that recorded seminal album ‘The Wall’. Bassist Roger Waters left shortly afterwards.

The footage was found by the editor of the footage Howard Lamden in his personal archives. The footage has now been transferred onto DVD.


The footage shows the creation of a 30-foot wall that separated the band and the audience. The show was only performed in four cities worldwide, Los Angeles, New York, Dortmund and London.

A statement from Matt Johns, owner of Pink Floyd news and information site, said: “It’s been a long time coming, and as the title of the documentary suggests, almost didn’t make it at all.”

“The doc is an absorbing look at the problems and pressures of mounting a major rock production. And as a Pink Floyd show, it means that these problems and pressures are multiplied tenfold.

“Howard’s camera seems to miss nothing, being right in the midst of construction, preparations, artistes’ discussions, and nobody seems to mind.”

The documentary can be previewed and bought from a website set up by Lamden. [url=]click here for more information.