Pink Floyd star declares band ‘over’

David Gilmour ends all speculation

Pink Floyd guitarist and co-frontman David Gilmour has declared the band officially “over”.

Rumours have abounded that the rock giants would reform for a tour in the near future after their successful reformation at Live8 last summer.

After recent newspaper speculation that the group would play a series of London dates later this year, Pink Floyd issued a statement denying this would happen. But the door hadn’t closed completely – until now.


Speaking in an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica Gilmour said: “The band? It’s over. Reunited because of the good cause, to get over the bad relationship, and not to have regrets.

“I think I’ve had enough. I am 60. I don’t want to work much anymore. It’s an important part of my life, I have had enormous satisfactions, but now it’s enough. It’s much more comfortable to work on my own.”

And Gilmour stressed that his thoughts on the situation have nothing to do with his feelings regarding Roger Waters, the bassist/co-frontman who was reunited with the band onstage at Live8 for the first time after quitting acrimoniously in 1983.

He insisted: “The issue about Roger is irrelevant, because even without him I don’t want to go on as Pink Floyd. I’m happy with my life. Playing as Pink Floyd is a business too big for me now. When you move as a band, all is gigantic, the expectations are enormous, the pressures very high. We have been asked to play one hundred gigs!

“I am fine as I live now. It was fantastic but now I don’t feel like any more.”

Gilmour releases a solo album, ‘On An Island’, on March 6.