Cult movie celebrates 20th anniversary with DVD release...

In the wake of the reissue of The Beatles‘ psychedelic cartoon Yellow Submarine on DVD thirty years after its cinema release, Alan Parker‘s 1979 film based on Pink Floyd‘s concept album ‘The Wall’ gets a DVD release on October 19.

As well as a remastered Dolby stereo soundtrack, the DVD will include previously unseen footage and a documentary on the making of the film.

Starring Bob Geldof as a Syd Barrett-cum-Winston Smith figure in a surreal totalitarian world/mind-state, The Wall is either a work of visionary genius or a load of pretentious half-arsed and half-realised ravings, depending on your point of view. The real star of the film, though is Gerald Scarfe‘s art direction including his animations.


Roger Waters still tours as a solo artist. Pink Floyd were reported to be planning a millennium gig in Egypt in the shadow of the pyramids, though a spokesman for the Egyptian Embassy told nme.com that while there were a series of concerts planned for the pyramids on the period either side of December 31st, she could not say what they were as she did not know. There are also reports that the Egyptian government are preventing concerts over safety fears ranging from mass drug abuse to suicidal millennium religious cults.