Dave Gilmour says prospect of continuing with Pink Floyd makes him ‘break out in a cold sweat’

Band have confirmed that new album 'The Endless River' will be their last

Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd has said that the idea of continuing with the band beyond their forthcoming album makes him “break out in a cold sweat.”

The band have confirmed that the new album, their first since 1994 will be their last ever release.

Speaking to Rolling Stone about the final chapter in their career, Gilmour said: “I’m really enjoying my life and my music. There’s no room for Pink Floyd. The thought of doing any more causes me to break out in a cold sweat.

Justifying the decision to draw an end to the band, Gilmour said that he does not believe there is anything else in the archives for them to release. “Anything we had of value is on this album,” he said. “Trying to do it again would mean using second-best material, and that’s not good enough for me.”

Nick Mason recently said that the band are unlikely to perform new album ‘The Endless River’ live because it wouldn’t lend itself to being played in stadiums.

The drummer also said it would be difficult to perform without the late bandmember Richard Wright, who died in 2008. He did, however, say that the album would suit a slot at London’s long-closed UFO Club, a 1960s haunt of Pink Floyd’s.

‘The Endless River’ could become the most pre-ordered album of all time on Amazon, taking the title from current holders One Direction. The album will be released on November 10.

‘The Endless River’ tracklisting is:

‘Things Left Unsaid’
‘It’s What We Do’
‘Ebb And Flow’
‘The Lost Art Of Conversation’
‘On Noodle Street’
‘Night Light’
‘Allons-y (1)’
‘Allons-y (2)’
‘Talkin’ Hawkin”
‘Eyes To Pearls’
‘Louder Than Words’