Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour has been made an honorary citizen of Pompeii

The guitarist will play at the city's Amphitheatre this weekend, commemorating Pink Floyd's 1971 show there

Pink Floyd‘s David Gilmour has been made an honorary citizen of Pompeii.

The guitarist is set to perform at the city’s Amphitheatre Of Pompeii this weekend. It is the oldest Roman amphitheatre in the world and is where his band played an infamous concert in 1971.

It was at that show where Pink Floyd recorded their concert film Live At Pompeii.

As Fact reports, Mayor Ferdinando Uliano has bestowed honorary citizenship on Gilmour as he returns to the ancient city.

Earlier today, it was announced that Syd Barrett, whom Gilmour replaced in Pink Floyd, will be the subject of a series of events in his hometown of Cambridge later this year.

An unreleased film about the musician, made by a former school friend of Barrett, will be screened for the first time, while fans will be able to embark on Barrett-themed walking tours.