Pink Floyd reunion cancelled because of Jemima Khan

Nick Mason says surviving members don't want to play for 'posh totty'

Pink Floyd have passed up the chance to reform after the members learned that a forthcoming charity show they were set to play was to be staged at Jemima Khan‘s house.

Drummer Nick Mason said the band turned down the chance for the surviving members to reform for the first time in five years after they learned it would take place in the home of the ex-wife of retired Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan.

“That particular event wasn’t right for a reformation of Pink Floyd,” he told The Independent. “I said I would do it, but it was a charity event for suits, and it felt wrong to turn a small thing into a big deal just because Jemima Khan was in attendance.”

Mason recently said he was keen to reunite Floyd for charity gigs, but the last time the band played together was at Live 8 in 2005, with keyboardist Richard Wright, who died in 2008.

He added: “Why play for a lot of posh totty instead of some of the other things we should save that up for – a Live 8 type of thing.”

In July Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour performed together at a charity event.