Pink Floyd suing EMI over online royalties

Band say their songs shouldn't be sold separately

The former members of Pink Floyd are suing the band’s record label EMI over online royalty payments.

Rupert Howe, lawyer for the band members, said in a hearing in court in London today (March 9) that his clients wanted clarification on a contract with EMI that they negotiated in 1998 and 1999.

According to the contract Pink Floyd albums should be sold as song bundles and not separated into individual tracks for sale, reports Since the contract was signed Pink Floyd songs have been made available to buy on download sites such as iTunes – which launched in the UK following the contract negotiation.

Speaking about the contract Howe said, “It was unclear whether record companies would be selling direct to the consumer or through retailers.”

He added, “It’s a matter of fact that the defendant has been permitting individual tracks to be downloaded online and that therefore they have been allowing albums not to be sold in their original configuration.”

Elizabeth Jones, a lawyer for EMI, claimed that the contract did not cover online sales of the band’s music.

The lawsuit was originally filed last April. The case continues.