Could Pink Floyd reunite to play Glastonbury?

Nick Mason 'would do it given the opportunity'

Two of the three surviving Pink Floyd members have appeared open to reuniting to play Glastonbury Festival.

Tension has long persisted in the band, with David Gilmour recently confirming that the group are no more. Pink Floyd’s “final” album ‘The Endless River’ was released in November 2014 without the input of Roger Waters.

However, after “reuniting” last year to release a joint statement condemning Israeli forces over the detention of female activists sailing to Gaza, Waters and drummer Nick Mason appeared together on Thursday (February 16) at a press conference at the V&A museum in London. Gilmour wasn’t in attendance, while Syd Barrett passed away in 2006 and Richard Wright died in 2008.


Asked about the possibility of a Glastonbury reunion, Waters reportedly said to Mason: “The last I heard, David retired. You know David better than me.”


The Guardian reports that Mason replied: “I heard he’d retired and then he seemed to unretire, so we don’t know”. Mason went on to say they that while he didn’t think playing Glastonbury was “very likely” to happen, he “would do it given the opportunity”.

Waters went on to recall playing Glastonbury in 2002: “It was really cold. There were a lot of people and it seemed very jolly and I liked it”. However, he also described Pink Floyd reunion talk as “so dull”.


The two Pink Floyd members were speaking ahead of a V&A exhibition focusing on the band, which opens in May.

Meanwhile, Waters recently previewed music from his first solo album in 25 years. It is being produced by Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich.