Pink stunned as fan throws mother’s ashes onto stage at BST Hyde Park

“Wait, is this your mum?”

Pink was left shocked at her recent BST Hyde Park concert after a fan threw a bag of her mother’s ashes on the stage.

The US pop star was performing her headline set at BST Hyde Park in London over the weekend when she noticed a clear bag being thrown by her feet. The moment took place during a rendition of her 2001 hit ‘Just Like A Pill’.

In footage shared by fans at the show, the singer-songwriter can be seen bending down to look at the bag and briefly stopping singing as she tried to work out what the contents were.


“Wait, is this your mum?” she asked, giving a confused look to someone in the crowd and nervously laughing. “I don’t know how I feel about this.”

Pink — whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore — then is seen picking up the bag and moving it to the side of the stage, before continuing with the song. Check out footage of the moment below.

Upon the footage spreading across social media, fans online have shared their thoughts on the moment.

“She handled it well cause I’d definitely be mad that someone handed me their mom’s ashes,” wrote one user. “I just saw another video of a guy coming out to his mom in front of Bebe Rexha so yes boundaries! I understand why some celebrities are standoffish now.”

Another agreed, adding: “I need y’all to stop being weird at concerts OMG…”


A third offered some insight into what supposedly made the fan throw the ashes: “OK so my friends were stood near this lady and back story is..her mum couldn’t get out much as she was so ill when alive so this lady takes her ashes places,” they wrote. “So she get out now it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but if it gives this woman comfort then that’s up to her.” Find more fan responses below.

Other headliners set to perform at BST Hyde Park this year include Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band, Guns N’ Roses, Take That, BLACKPINK and Billy Joel. Lana Del Rey will also close out the 2023 edition with a performance on the final day (Sunday, July 9).

In other Pink news, earlier this year, the singer recalled being told that her music career “would be over” if she had children.

“Everyone told me, ‘If you have children right now, your career’s over.’ But I think, interestingly enough for me, everyone has this idea of me that I’m just my singles, right? That I’m the snarling, man-eating angry, like she-man. Right?” she said.

She later explained that the opposite was actually true, and believes her career actually “began” after she became a parent. She currently has an 11-year-old and a six-year-old.

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