Pinkshift release new fast-paced pop-punk track ‘Nothing (In My Head)’

"It’s about the feeling of wanting out, wanting a change in scenery, wanting to escape"

Pinkshift have shared a new single called ‘Nothing (In My Head)’. Watch the video for the track below.

The Baltimore pop-punk band has also signed to Hopeless Records, and will be embarking on a tour across the US and UK. View the full itinerary below.

“‘Nothing (In My Head)’ is a cry for help,” the band said of the new track. “It’s about the feeling of wanting out, wanting a change in scenery, wanting to escape from feeling locked inside, claustrophobic, and overwhelmed. This song is like a hand reaching out to anyone willing to grasp onto it and say they feel the same way. We hope people hear that and feel a little less alone.”


In the video for the fast-paced track, vocalist Ashrita Kumar sings: “Tried to stop try to stop looking up, it’s been hurting my neck on a screen, on a screen on a screen gonna scream gonna scream that I / I feel so numb” as the band scrolls through social media and watches the news.

Pinkshift tour dates

1 – Bournemouth, UK – The Anvil
2 – Manchester, UK – Deaf Institute
3 – Leeds, UK – Slam Dunk Festival
4 – Hatfield, UK – Slam Dunk Festival
6 – London, UK – The Camden Assembly
8 – Wilmington, DE – The Queen
9 – Virginia Beach, VA – Elevation 27
10 – Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle

Earlier this year, NME tagged Pinkshift as an essential emerging artist for 2022, noting their nostalgic emo sound and comparing them to My Chemical Romance, while adding: “If you’re an adult who spent your youth obsessed with the Warped Tour emo gang, tacking up posters of Gerard Way and Hayley Williams on your bedroom wall, then Pinkshift will awaken something long-dormant inside you.

“For a new generation of kids who haven’t yet fallen in love with rock music, Pinkshift could be the band that comes along and changes everything. Their angst is perfectly-placed, their riffs are rock-out-ready, and they balance their nostalgic sound with a completely endearing passion and joy.”