“Put him away for war crimes”: Pitbull’s cover of Toto’s ‘Africa’ isn’t going down too well

Mr Worldwide isn't getting the right reaction...

Pitbull has covered Toto’s seminal hit ‘Africa’ for the Aquaman soundtrack – and it’s fair to say that it isn’t going down too well.

The track is titled ‘Ocean to Ocean’ and sees Pitbull duetting with Rhea. Although the verses aren’t the same (read: Pitbull bizarrely tries to rhyme “The Great Gatsby” with “Banksy”), it features an unexpected EDM take on the chorus of the iconic track.

Much like Aquaman itself, the track is proving to be extremely divisive.


Although one year out, one Twitter user described it as “the worst thing that has happened in 2019. ”

Another said: “Obvs there are very many terrible things about Brexit but the fact that it has been a sufficient distraction to allow this Pitbull x Toto mashup to sneak its way into the public domain is just insult to injury.”


A third raged: “Just when I thought DC Extended Universe couldn’t do anything worse to us, they gave us a Pitbull cover of Toto’s Africa.”



The reaction over on YouTube was similarly savage.

One YouTube user said: “Is there a way this song could finally put Pitbull away for war crimes?”

Another argued: “This man really did the impossible and ruined Africa, incredible.”

But to be fair, the song has its fans too. One bold user dared to suggest it was actually better than the original.

Brandon Lopez added on YouTube: “LOVE THIS TRACK! Gonna be a summer hit.”

Meanwhile, Aquaman hits cinemas today. NME described it as a “Colourful undersea world peopled by giant crustaceans, fish people, even dinosaurs. Darling, it’s better down where it’s wetter.”

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