Pitbull spokesman responds to viral TikTok claim he has 21 children

The rumour said he had children with 18 women across 13 different countries

A spokesperson for Pitbull has responded to the viral rumour circulating on social media, and denied that the musician is the father to 21 children.

The claim has been making the rounds across TikTok recently and alleges that Mr Worldwide has had over 20 children with multiple women, who are all located across 13 different countries.

As highlighted by Rolling Stone, the viral claim stems back to a video shared last month by an account going by the handle ‘Pat Williams Comedy’, which made a compilation of famous faces across the entertainment industry who have a large number of children.


Titled the Celebrity Baby Mama Hall Of Fame (Part Two), the content creator listed off some of the big names who have brought numerous children into the world, and while some were pretty accurate – including Clint Eastwood and former NBA star Shawn Kemp – others seemed to be a little too extreme to be true.

The video named Pitbull as a “Hawaiian island volcano”, adding that he has fathered “21 kids with 18 different women in 13 different countries. He sees them all twice a year, and he’s never missed a child support payment.”


Crown Em’ – BBM HOF Part 2 #celebrity #money #satire #parents

♬ original sound – Pat Williams Comedy

Although the video by Williams was posted with the hashtag “#Satire” and has amassed over four million views since it was posted in mid-August, it looked like few bothered to fact-check the figures quoted by the page. Instead, other accounts have since picked up the made-up ‘fact’ and shared it on their own respective pages, claiming that it is true.

“That is completely inaccurate and obviously comedic humour,” a representative for Pitbull told the outlet, responding to the claims.

While the musician – whose real name is Armando Christian Pérez – may not live up to his ‘Mr Worldwide’ legacy created on TikTok, he is set to embark on an upcoming tour of North America with Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin.


“It’s a true honour to tour with Enrique and Ricky, two music icons who broke global music barriers for our culture and open doors for someone like myself,” he said, announcing the tour which starts next month. “We’re excited to take the Trilogy tour around the world and give our fans the time of their ‘Trilogy’ lives. Dale!”

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